A new way to think about solar.

By using existing space where we live and work, we can make solar energy easily accessible to anyone.
The Problem

Solar arrays are a rapidly evolving source of renewable energy, but they require optimal roof pitch or large amounts of real estate to deploy effectively.

The Solution

By using paved areas and remotely deployed solar arrays, Rise Energy can provide solar ownership where not previously possible.

The Technology

Our remotely deployed solar arrays are stored in their own containers and can be easily integrated to provide low-cost solar ownership. 

Market Opportunity

Resource: Paved Areas

Pavement covers more than 32,000 square miles in the United States. Many businesses have large parking lots, and many homes have driveways. This unused pavement is a valuable resource to make solar ownership accessible.


Only 39% of small buildings are suitable for an average 4.5 kW PV system.

Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

32% - 49%

Non-solar roofs could represent 32% - 49% of the distributed PV market in the next 5 years.


How it Works


Rise Energy Systems has designed a remotely controlled solar array. This array is a 4.5kW unit that will deploy 246 square feet of PV panels from a footprint of 34 square feet (15 panels).

Not dependent on roof orientation

Improved cleaning access

Reduced soft costs

Less structural racking required

Fewer losses due to heat

Land can be used for multiple purposes

Arrays can be moved between buildings



Matthew Miller


Matthew is a graduate student in mechanical engineering at the University of Virginia. He has four years of industrial experience in mechanical engineering, machine design, and prototyping.

Megan Miller


Megan is a graduate student in environmental engineering at the University of North Carolina. She is skilled in environmental affairs, data analysis, and intellectual property.




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